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More on Distance Education Journal Ra...

Both academics and administrators love to argue about the value (impact) of their academic work.  The old adage of “Publish or Perish” still has currency. Despite the many distribution opportunities besides and beyond publishing in scholarly journals, the bean counters (myself included) love citation indexes. The basic idea is that the more your work is […]

MOOCs Unfairly Maligned

MOOCs Unfairly Maligned

  The Chronicle of Higher Education continues to amaze me how badly they can cover a story. This morning’s edition contains an article with a jarring headline reading “Passive MOOC Students Don’t Retain New Knowledge, Study Finds.  The study by Littlejohn and Milligan and is under review for IRRODL and thus no one – neither the Chronicle […]

A Publishing Primer for Education Gra...

A Publishing Primer for Education Grad students

Ask any academic, and they will get into a long discourse about the value of publishing scholarly work, the politics of doing it, the challenges and the outlets.  Although you haven’t asked, I’d like to share my own ideas with particular relevance to publishing work related to distance education. By way of background, I’ve been […]

on edited book chapters

on edited book chapters

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had occasion to think about authoring and editing contributions to edited books. In this post, I’ll releate these incidents and then try to draw some conclusions. 1. Olaf Zawkler Richter and I have been working for the past 16 months on an edited book tentatively titled Towards a Research […]

New Issue of IRRODL- Hits the online ...

New Issue of IRRODL- Hits the online streets

We are pleased and proud to present you with a large new issue of the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning. This issue contains 16 research articles and two book reviews from 11 different countries. I wish to thank each of the authors for sharing the results of their work and their […]

New Edition of IRRODL

New Edition of IRRODL

I am please to announce issue 13(2) of the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Education has been distributed to our over 5,600 email subscribers today.  I’ve pasted the table of contents below, but it looks prettier (with pictures!) if you go directly to www.irrodl.org   As you see there are 9 research articles, 2 field […]

Another edition of IRRODL

Another edition of IRRODL

I’m pleased to share below the Table of Content for issue 12(6) of the International Review of Open and Distance Learning. This issue has 10 research articles and 4 book reviews. When you go the IRRODL site, you will see that we are adding graphical enhancements – including  anew colour scheme, photos of the first authors, snaps of book covers […]

Interaction Equivalency Site Announce...

Interaction Equivalency Site Announcement

I am pleased to be able to introduce a new site – http://equivalencytheorem.info/ created by Terumi Miyazoe from Tokyo Denki University and myself to invite more use, critique and understanding of my 2003 distance education Interaction Equivalency Theorem. Interaction has always been a defining (but expensive) component of all forms of education. In distance education, we have  expanded the definition of interaction […]

Three Generations of Pedagogy and Ele...

Three Generations of Pedagogy and Elephants in the Room

The good folks at DERN (Australia) posted a nice summary of Jon Dron and my article from the recent Connectivist special issue of IRRODL.  They write: “A review of the three dominant learning theories: Cognitive-Behaviourist, Social-Constructivist and Connectivist, and the pedagogies derived from them. The review is very relevant to the use of digital technologies […]

The Publish or Perish Book

The Publish or Perish Book

Well, after surviving end of term marking, coupled with two online keynotes and a real f2F one at Canadian MoodelMoot I’ve finally found some time to skim through two books that arrived on my desk that I want to share with you. The first is The Publish or Perish Book (P 0r P) by Anne-Wil Harzing. Harzing […]

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