For over 20 years I was a full time academic at the University of Alberta and most recently at Athabasca University. In addition to the scholarly tasks associated with that position, I have been active on the keynote circuit, giving over 50 keynote talks at educational technology, distance education and general education conferences. I also organized the world’s first online conference in 1992 for the International Council for Distance Education and continue to make presentations using videoconferencing.  I also have taken on small consulting jobs for governments and universities over these years.


Most of my talks focus on the opportunity to improve or enhance teaching as result of new pedagogies and new technologies.  I try to mix a bit of humour, some broader theoretical insights and some practical ideas for teachers into each talk.  I usually post the slides to my Slideshare account and always license them under a Creative Commons By license, for adaption and re-use.

A few of my talks have been recorded and you are welcomed to view them.

My speaker’s fee for these talks has varied from $0 to $10,000 – depending on my interest in the conference or locale and most importantly the nature (profit/non-profit) and capacity of the conference organizers.  I also expect that the conference organizers will cover my direct travel and accommodation costs associated with the conference. I usually like to stay for the whole conference and actively participate. The map below shows the countries in which my talks have taken place.


Please contact me if you are interested in having me do a keynote at your upcoming conference.


My skills at designing, developing and evaluating technology enhanced education courses have resulted in a number of small contracts over the years. Most recently I was contracted by the Alberta Teachers’ Association to undertake a qualitative study with practicing teachers. The final report Online Learning Initiatives in Alberta Schools was released in Sept. 2018. I was also contracted in 2015 by the School of Business at the University of Alberta to lead a task-force developing a teaching and learning plan for the faculty.  I have also worked for Health Canada, the Government of Ontario, People’s Republic of China, Contact North and universities in Canada, South Africa, the United States and Spain.

I am always interested in other short term assignments. Please contact me if you are interested in my contributions to your projects or dreams!