I have been neglecting this blog for so long, that I think it was threatening to get rid of me!

I am well, have a new PaceMaker to keep the ol’ heart beating on time and have survived another Edmonton Winter. I spend far too much time trying to understand and lately combatting the illeral left and their ideological wars or free speech and the increasing racism of the “anti-racists”.

However, I had occasion to want to learn how to do a video edit, without clogging up my overloaded hard drive, so I tried Microsoft’s new and free of charge ClipChamp program. Of course I had to have a video file to practice on, so I stumbled upon a recording I did last year of the Huron Carol.  I managed to edit it a bit and add a title and save and publish it – so very belated or early Winter Solstice/Christmas greetings to all.