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Finished building my 2nd hammer dulci...

Finished building my 2nd hammer dulcimer

Although I’m still quite liking the current dulcimer I am playing that I bought off Ebay, I was curious how much time and effort is required to build one from a kit.  As a previous post notes, I crafted a 16/15 dulcimer from ‘scratch’ a couple of years ago, but found that although it sounds […]

Classical Chinese Dance and Music Con...

Did I ever tell you about the time I starred in a Classical Chinese Dance and Music presentation? Last night my host here at Jiangnan University invited to go with her to the annual performance of the students in the classical fine arts program here at the University. We got great seats in the campus performance […]

My New Hammer Dulcimer – FINISH...

My New Hammer Dulcimer – FINISHED

After nearly exactly 3 months on and off work my new 15/14 hammer dulcimer is finished. I’ve have been playing my Dusty Strings 13/12 dulcimer (the numbers stand for the number of notes (or courses) on each bridge) for the past three years. For those not very familiar with this instrument Ardie Davis has a […]

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