Music has always been a big part of my life.

I first took piano lessons in Grade 2 using a cardboard keyboard – it was never in tune. By Grade 3 we inherited my Grandparent’s piano and I struggled through piano lessons to my Grade 6 Conservatory.  In secondary school I played trombone  in Viscount Bennett High School Band and Big Band.

My life “on the Farm” in Northern Alberta near Joussard coincided with my learning to play the guitar and later the fiddle. The fiddle was retired after one memorable wedding dance, where I realized I either had to practice more or stop playing in public. I choose the later.

In the early decade of the century I wandered back to the piano and even managed to play (badly) a few Bach Tunes. One of which I recorded for an online class Christmas party in 2008.

During our travels in the States, we had on a couple of occasions, heard the hammer dulcimer being played – often at early American history sites.  Susan and I both really liked the sound – so I bought her a beginner, 13/12 hammer dulcimer for her Christmas present. I haven’t stopped playing it since!

Here is short video (another Bach piece) I made at Solstice 2015 and didn’t make a mistake until the last note – (sigh).  Screen Credits  to my son Leif.