We are pleased and proud to present you with a large new issue of the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning. This issue contains 16 research articles and two book reviews from 11 different countries.

I wish to thank each of the authors for sharing the results of their work and their thinking with us. I would also like to thank our reviewers and our managing editor for the work they put into creating IRRODL for us. Finally, as always, thanks to our sponsor, Athabasca University.

You may have noticed the new feature on the Google Scholar page that provides “Metrics,” a calculation of an H factor (a measure of the number of citations per article in the journal) that is a proxy measurement of the influence and prestige of a journal. Check it out. IRRODL does quite well, compared to other journals in our field.

Finally for those in the Northern Hemisphere, our best wishes for a relaxing and rejuvenating summer.

Terry Anderson, Ph.D.


International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning

Vol 13, No 3 (2012)

Table of Contents


Editorial: Volume 13, Number 3 HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Terry Anderson i-iv

Research Articles

Odyssey of the mind: Social networking in a cyberschool HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Michael K Barbour, Cory Plough 1-18
Motivation levels among traditional and open learning undergraduate students in India HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Shashi Singh, Ajay Singh, Kiran Singh 19-40
Development and validation of the Online Student Connectedness Survey (OSCS) HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Doris U Bolliger, Fethi A Inan 41-65
Quality assurance in e-learning: PDPP evaluation model and its application HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Weiyuan Zhang, Yau Ling Cheng 66-82
Creating a sustainable online instructor observation system: A case study highlighting flaws when blending mentoring and evaluation HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Marthann Schulte, Kay Dennis, Michael Eskey, Cathy Taylor, Heather Zeng 83-96
Mapping the interplay between open distance learning and internationalisation principles HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Pumela Msweli 97-116
Economies of scope in distance education: The case of Chinese research universities HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Fengliang Li, Xinlei Chen 117-131
Teaching time investment: Does online really take more time than face-to-face? HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Rebecca Van de Vord, Korolyn Pogue 132-146
M-learning adoption: A perspective from a developing country HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Shakeel Iqbal, Ijaz A. Qureshi 147-164
The development of distance education in the Russian Federation and the former Soviet Union HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Olaf Zawacki-Richter, Anna Kourotchkina 165-184
Delivery of open, distance, and e-learning in Kenya HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Jackline Anyona Nyerere, Frederick Q Gravenir, Godfrey S Mse 185-205
Learning in educational computer games for novices: The impact of support provision types on virtual presence, cognitive load, and learning outcomes HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Claudia Schrader, Theo Bastiaens 206-227
Examining interactivity in synchronous virtual classrooms HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Florence Martin, Michele A Parker, Deborah F Deale 228-261
A preliminary examination of the cost savings and learning impacts of using open textbooks in middle and high school science classes HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
David Wiley, John Levi Hilton III, Shelley Ellington, Tiffany Hall 262-276
Using self-efficacy to assess the readiness of nursing educators and students for mobile learning HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Richard F Kenny, Jocelyne MC Van Neste-Kenny, Pamela A Burton, Caroline L Park, Adnan Qayyum 277-296
Identification of conflicting questions in the PARES system HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Avgoustos Tsinakos, Ioannis Kazanidis 297-313

Book Notes

Book review – Quality assurance and accreditation in distance education and e-learning: Models, policies and research HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Kay Shattuck 314-318
Book review – The publish or perish book: Your guide to effective and responsible citation analysis HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Michael Barbour