Teaching and Learning in a Net-Centric World

Another edition of IRRODL

I’m pleased to share below the Table of Content for issue 12(6) of the International Review of Open and Distance Learning.

This issue has 10 research articles and 4 book reviews. When you go the IRRODL site, you will see that we are adding graphical enhancements – including  anew colour scheme, photos of the first authors, snaps of book covers and updates to  special issues.

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Table of ContentsEditorial

Terry Anderson

Research Articles

The importance of interaction for academic success in online courses with hearing, deaf, and hard-of-hearing students
Gary L Long, Carol Marchetti, Richard Fasse
Examining motivation in online distance learning environments: Complex, multifaceted and situation-dependent
Maggie Hartnett, Alison St. George, Jon Dron
Factors that impact student usage of the learning management system in Qatari schools
Ramzi Nasser, Maha Cherif, Michael Romanowski
Quality assurance in Asian distance education: Diverse approaches and common culture
Insung Jung, Tat Meng Wong, Chen Li, Sanjaa Baigaltugs, Tian Belawati
Literacy at a distance in multilingual contexts: Issues and challenges
Christine I Ofulue
Distance students’ readiness for social media and collaboration
Bruno Poellhuber, Terry Anderson
Applying the community of inquiry framework to an online professional practice doctoral program
Swapna Kumar, Kara Dawson, Erik W Black, Catherine Cavanaugh, Christopher D Sessums
Applying constructionist principles to online teacher professional development
Nathaniel Mark Ostashewski, Doug Reid, Susan Moisey
ODL and the impact of digital divide on information access in Botswana
Olugbade Oladokun, Lenrie Aina
Increased technology provision and learning: Giving more for nothing?
Emmanuelle Quillerou


Book Notes

Book Review – The Perfect Online Course: Best Practices for Designing and Teaching

Marta Ruiz-Corbella

Book review – Bridging the knowledge divide: Educational technology for development
Aminudin Zuhairi

Book review – Web 2.0-based e-learning: Applying social informatics for tertiary teaching

Juan Leon
Book review – Learning with digital games: A practical guide to engaging students in higher education
Maja Pivec
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