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New Edition of IRRODL

I am please to announce issue 13(2) of the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Education has been distributed to our over 5,600 email subscribers today.  I’ve pasted the table of contents below, but it looks prettier (with pictures!) if you go directly to www.irrodl.org


As you see there are 9 research articles, 2 field notes and a new section focussed on leadership in open and distance education.  As I noted in my editorial, I am really pleased to see that IRRODL continues to be an International Journal with articles this issue from  Japan, USA, Nigeria, Switzerland, Spain, Catalonia (Spain), Turkey, Iran, Canada, and Malaysia.

Thanks to all the authors, reviewers and of course our hard working Managing editor Brigette for what I think is a very good issue – enjoy!


Vol 13, No 2 (2012)

Table of Contents


Editorial: Volume 13, Number 2 HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Terry Anderson i-iv

Research Articles

Asian learners’ perception of quality in distance education and gender differences HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Insung Jung 1-25
Are online learners frustrated with collaborative learning experiences? HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Neus Capdeferro, Margarida Romero 26-44
Examining the reuse of open textbooks HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
John Levi Hilton III, Neil Lutz, David Wiley 45-58
Conceptual framework for parametrically measuring the desirability of open educational resources using D-index HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Ishan Sudeera Abeywardena, S Raviraja, Choy Yoong Tham 59-76
Contradictions in a distance course for a marginalized population at a Middle Eastern university HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Irshat Madyarov, Aida Taef 77-100
The relationship between flexible and self-regulated learning in open and distance universities HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Per Bernard Bergamin, Simone Ziska, Egon Werlen, Eva Siegenthaler 101-123
“Everybody is their own island”: Teacher disconnection in a virtual school HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Abigail Hawkins, Michael K Barbour, Charles R Graham 124-144
Building an inclusive definition of e-learning: An approach to the conceptual framework HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Albert Sangrà, Dimitrios Vlachopoulos, Nati Cabrera 145-159
Determining the feasibility of an e-portfolio application in a distance education teaching practice course HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Ilknur Kecik, Belgin Aydin, Nurhan Sakar, Mine Dikdere, Sinan Aydin, Ilknur Yuksel, Mustafa Caner 160-180

Field Notes

Developing and deploying OERs in sub-Saharan Africa: Building on the present HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Clayton R Wright, Sunday Reju 181-220
Assessment of challenges in developing self-instructional course materials at the National Open University of Nigeria HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Charity Akuadi Okonkwo 221-231

Leadership in Open and Distance Learning Notes

Editorial: Who needs leadership? Social problems, change, and education futures HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Marti Cleveland-Innes 232-235
Educational leadership for e-learning in the healthcare workplace HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Dorothy (Willy) Fahlman 236-246
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