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Online 3 Minute Thesis Contest at Ath...

Online 3 Minute Thesis Contest at Athabasca

I’m intrigued by this “speed dating” approach for disseminating and promoting thesis research. A thesis is a LOT of work, and results are usually buried in 150+ page tomes – thus the need for new scholars to be able to present their work succinctly and efficiently.  The 3 minute thesis (originally developed at University of […]

A Publishing Primer for Education Gra...

A Publishing Primer for Education Grad students

Ask any academic, and they will get into a long discourse about the value of publishing scholarly work, the politics of doing it, the challenges and the outlets.  Although you haven’t asked, I’d like to share my own ideas with particular relevance to publishing work related to distance education. By way of background, I’ve been […]

Business Models for Online Education

Business Models for Online Education

The latest issue of the Online Journal of Distance Education Research has an article that tries to define a “3rd” university model. Rubin, B. (2013). University Business Models and Online Practices: A Third Way. Online Journal of Distance Education Administration, 16(1).  http://www.westga.edu/~distance/ojdla/spring161/rubin.html. This 3rd model for online university is not quite like the traditional campus based university that runs online programs […]

MOOC pedagogy and accreditation

MOOC pedagogy and accreditation

Most of the cacophony of comments and posts about MOOCs and their disruptive potential has focused on their free cost to students, high enrolments, superstar teachers and high prestige Universities. Relatively little has been published, much less researched, about MOOC pedagogy. A thoughtful article by C. Osvaldo Rodriguez in EURODL mapped the evolution of the […]

on edited book chapters

on edited book chapters

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had occasion to think about authoring and editing contributions to edited books. In this post, I’ll releate these incidents and then try to draw some conclusions. 1. Olaf Zawkler Richter and I have been working for the past 16 months on an edited book tentatively titled Towards a Research […]

Interesting network analysis of a c-M...

Interesting network analysis of a c-Mooc

Thanks to Stephen Downes for this link on OLDaily to a short 15 second video from CBlissMath  illustrating the connectivity of participants in a c-MOOC. In this case the MOOC was CMC11, which described itself as a connectivist MOOC that focuses on sharing and building knowledge on connectivism and PLE’s. Unlike x-MOOCs such as sponsored by CoursEra, MITx […]

Open Access Publishing

Open Access Publishing

Thanks to our colleagues at University of Leicester, all of the recordings from tthe Follow the Sun 2012 online conference are now available for viewing and for embedding into blogs or web sites. Below is the talk, with powerfpoint slides, that I presented on Open Access Publishing.   video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Follow the Sun 2012 Schedule now onli...

Follow the Sun 2012 Schedule now online

Last year I was asked to do a keynote talk for the FollowtheSun conference that had been founded three years ago by Prof. Gilly Salmon, then at the University of Leicester in the UK. The idea was to be a part of  an online conference that mirrored a typical academic/professional conference with keynotes, trade show, demos, […]

A problem with educational research publishing is that most of the most highly rated peer-reviewed journals are closed access, and though most are accessible to me through our library, I try as much as possible not to contribute to journals that are not available as open access. Especially in education, there are too many potential […]

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