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PLE's getting fleshed out (conce...

PLE's getting fleshed out (conceptually) and COI Model

Stephen Downes nicely ties ideas of ownership, control, learner centricity and choice from PLE’s into notions of the mutlimedia and readwrite nature of web 2.0. Great stuff! Wish I had been there!. I was especially interested in his update of the Community of Inquiry (COI) model that Randy Garrison and I created some years ago. […]

Wiki as conference evaluation tool

Wiki as conference evaluation tool

We sponsored a full day PreConference workshop on Distance Education Research sponsored by the Canadian Institute for Distance Education Research CIDER at the Canadian Association for Distance Education (CADE) and AMTEC conference held last week in Montreal. Most of the presentations are online at the CIDER site, but I wanted to discuss the use of […]

E-learning Entry level costs down to ...

E-learning Entry level costs down to $0.00

Congratulations to the folks at Nuvvo a Canadian, employee owned company that has released an AJAX based, web service that allows ANYONE to create and manage their own e-learning system. And the cost is FREE (unless of course you want to charge people to take your courses) in which case the cost is $9.99 a […]

CIDER Research in Distance Education ...

CIDER Research in Distance Education Workshop in Montreal

I’m using my Blog to repost an unreflective invitation to join the CIDER gang in Montreal this May. It should be interesting and you are welcome to participate (even if you are not a Canuck!) Dear Colleagues We are pleased to invite you to the second annual CIDER Workshop. This is a day for those […]

WikiHow and Sailing

WikiHow and Sailing

Two interesting convergences tonight noted below: First Stephen’s Downes’ daily batch of connective opportunity introduced me to WikiHow. Second , having come home from pondering our sailing future with the crew in the pub I had to type in “how to buy a sail boat” The interesting and informative contribution by Syndi B , Tom […]

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