This week I am in the process of moving my office  from Athabasca University to home. It was a lot of work sorting, selecting and shifting.  Most of the books that I THINK I still want are now on the bookshelves here at home. However, I have doubts as to their usefulness, as the texts (of course) are not searchable, except by very slow and pain-staking review. I’ve read them all once at least, but do I remember the juicy quotes??  I find increasingly that my references, original articles, illustrations etc. all come from the web – notably Google Scholar

In any case, I took the opportunity to put all the books  (no duplicates) that I have authored, co-authored or written a chapter for on a single shelf.  It came to 24 inches worth or roughly 2 inches a year, over my 20 year academic career. Of course some of the larger tombes (i.e. Handbooks at right) I only have a small chapter, so can’t honestly claim all 24 inches  for myself!


Terry's DE books

It is fun to scan the titles. It makes me realize how narrow the academic focus of my work has been – almost all distance or online education stuff.  Obviously my first great Canadian novel, has yet to be written!