Teaching and Learning in a Net-Centric World

Slides for Change Mooc – May 2012

In these slides I go over two ideas- one old and still growing – one new (for me) and evolving. The first part previews my ‘Interaction Equivalency Theorem” and the second talk about Unbundling the services of traditional university Education in order to decrease cost and increase access.

Unbundling Universities



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  1. Michael Hotrum Michael Hotrum
    May 16, 2012    

    The same argument can be made re training department in a business – there has always been a continuous devaluation of the services that the training department offers – and with the opportunity afforded by informal, social learning there is considerable attention paid to redefine and reorganize the traditional “university” style training department – again the argument ensues – is SS and SC most important (or let’s rephrase as worker in place of student) – is WW and WC most important; but in training’ case the W can also be an Expert, coach or mentor or a person most sought after for answers – a “redefintion” of formal trainer/professor – and I would also suggest that the design of the learning environment becomes more important as the trainer/professor loses prominence – how to build and maintain and drive an informal, social learning space. So does that mean we now have student to environment or wiorker to environment? Or worker to learning design – Certainly in training the learning space and the designed affordance for learning within it is important.

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