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We are pleased to present another fine issue of the International Review of Research in Open  and Distance Learning.

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Terry Anderson


International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning

Athabasca University

Table of Contents


Thanksgiving HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Terry Anderson i-iii

Research Articles

Examining the anatomy of a screencast: Uncovering common elements and instructional strategies HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
William Sugar, Abbie Brown, Kenneth Luterbach 1-20

Development of interactive and reflective learning among Malaysian online distant learners: An ESL instructor’s experience HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Siew Ming Thang, Puvaneswary Murugaiah 21-41

A review of trends in distance education scholarship at research universities in North America, 1998-2007 HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Randall S. Davies, Scott L. Howell, Jo Ann Petrie 42-56

Student and faculty perceptions of the quality of online learning experiences HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Michael E. Ward, Gary Peters, Kyna Shelley 57-77

Teaching and learning social justice through online service-learning courses HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Kathy L. Guthrie, Holly McCracken 78-94

The pedagogical enhancement of open education: An examination of problem-based learning HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Seth Gurell, Yu-Chun Kuo, Andrew Walker 95-105

Using collaborative course development to achieve online course quality standards HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Ining Tracy Chao, Tami Saj, Doug Hamilton 106-126

Online instructional effort measured through the lens of teaching presence in the community of inquiry framework: A re-examination of measures and approach HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Peter Shea, Suzanne Hayes, Jason Vickers 127-154

Book Notes

Book review – A designer’s log: Case studies in instructional design HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Airina Volungevičienė 155-157

Book review – Accessible elements: Teaching science online and at a distance HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Bryan F. Woodfield 158-163

Book review – Mega-schools, technology and teachers: Achieving education for all HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Alejandro Pisanty 164-167