Teaching and Learning in a Net-Centric World

Happy Holidays!
For your holiday reading, The International review of Research in Open and Distance Learning (IRRODL) offers a final edition, featuring 6 research articles, one note from the field, a book review, and 5 web conference recordings from the Canadian Institute for Distance Education Research.

This issue marks our tenth year and largest number – 6 of issues.  This success makes us mindful of the support of our publisher, Athabasca University Press, our sponsor, Athabasca University, and the many academics and students who volunteer their time and talents in creating, reviewing, and promoting open education research.

Best wishes for a rejuvenating, yet learning-filled holiday and New Year!

Terry Anderson, Editor

IRRODL and the Virtual Canuck

Table of Contents  from www.irrodl.org


IRRODL year in review HTML PDF EPUB MP3
Terry Anderson i-ii

Research Articles

A case study of an international e-learning training division: Meeting objectives HTML PDF EPUB MP3
Rory McGreal 1-20
Review of distance education research (2000 to 2008): Analysis of research areas, methods, and authorship patterns HTML PDF EPUB MP3
Olaf Zawacki-Richter, Eva Maria Baecker, Sebastian Vogt 21-50
Time students spend reading threaded discussions in online graduate courses requiring asynchronous participation HTML PDF EPUB MP3
Abbie H. Brown, Tim Green 51-64
Online and blended communities of inquiry: Exploring the developmental and perceptional differences HTML PDF EPUB MP3
Zehra Akyol, D. Randy Garrison, M. Yasar Ozden 65-83
A review of adventure learning
George Veletsianos, Irene Kleanthous 84-105
Evaluation of an undergraduate physics programme of Indira Gandhi National Open University: A case study HTML PDF EPUB MP3
Arundhati Mishra, – Vijayshri, Suresh Garg 106-123

Field Notes

The first doctoral program in distance education in North America HTML PDF EPUB MP3
Dorothy (Willy) Fahlman 124-136

Book Notes

Online learning as a strategic asset HTML PDF EPUB MP3
Michael F. Beaudoin
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