Two interesting convergences tonight noted below:

First Stephen’s Downes’ daily batch of connective opportunity introduced me to WikiHow.

Second , having come home from pondering our sailing future with the crew in the pub

I had to type in “how to buy a sail boat”

The interesting and informative contribution by Syndi B , Tom Viren , Anonymous, Bob Palin , Jack H and others ends as follows

  • When bargaining, make a list of stuff that needs attention and refer to it when you make an offer. When sailboat owners sell, they’ve either got the hots for a bigger boat or they’re getting out of sailing for good. In either case, they’re motivated- so don’t be afraid to lowball. If need be, walk away. Chances are you’ll get a call the next morning.
  • Notice and compare the responses above to those afforded by a similar article in a newspaper or book like Sailing for Dummies. Is there a mistake in the text? Would you like to share your experiences or add a nuance of wisdom that only you have acquired? Should your Brother read this article? Does your Dad only read Print copy? Shouldn’t you thank these guys??? Can I be a part of this community?

    This is I Like!