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WikiHow and Sailing

Two interesting convergences tonight noted below:

First Stephen’s Downes’ daily batch of connective opportunity introduced me to WikiHow.

Second , having come home from pondering our sailing future with the crew in the pub

I had to type in “how to buy a sail boat”

The interesting and informative contribution by Syndi B , Tom Viren , Anonymous, Bob Palin , Jack H and others ends as follows

  • When bargaining, make a list of stuff that needs attention and refer to it when you make an offer. When sailboat owners sell, they’ve either got the hots for a bigger boat or they’re getting out of sailing for good. In either case, they’re motivated- so don’t be afraid to lowball. If need be, walk away. Chances are you’ll get a call the next morning.
  • Notice and compare the responses above to those afforded by a similar article in a newspaper or book like Sailing for Dummies. Is there a mistake in the text? Would you like to share your experiences or add a nuance of wisdom that only you have acquired? Should your Brother read this article? Does your Dad only read Print copy? Shouldn’t you thank these guys??? Can I be a part of this community?

    This is I Like!

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    1. February 10, 2006    

      That is a cool application of a wiki…made me think of some of the related learning goals in 43 things like learn to sail. It’s different than a how-to, and the network that emerges around the goal seems to be more focused on deciding whether it’s a worthwhile pursuit, and outlining the required first steps in pursuing the activity. Is it a learning community? Maybe not, but it’s an interesting way for people to project their potential learning out into the future and see how it’s worked out for others.

    2. February 16, 2006    

      Thanks for blogging about wikiHow. I’m glad you like it!

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