About a year ago Jon Dron and I completed a chapter for the 2009 Handbook of Research on Social Software and Developing Community Ontologies edited by Stylianos Hatzipanagos, & Steven Warburton of King’s College London, UK.

Unfortunately the publishers,  IGI choose to charge what I think is an exorbitant fee of $265 US per copy and they didn’t even provide a free copy for the chapter authors!! (whining and sniveling heard). Fortunately Google books offers a preview of the book with it seems about 130 of the over 600 pages in the ‘handbook’. And for some strange reason, at least for the present, IGI has the full text of our chapter in PDF here.

The chapter reviews our model of groups, networks and collectives, provides example of learning activities for each and contains a summary table comparing and contrasting these aggregations on 11 defining qualities.

Besides shameless self promotion, I write this post as a tablespoon of remorse, for once again allowing my work to get hidden in expensive tomes that are inaccessible to many. But, at least our chapter is available (temporarily??) as a lost leader from IGI – enjoy.