In this post  I capture a few mages and a few tales about Little Free Libraries (LFL) – inspired by the installation of my 4th LFL yesterday.

As you may recall from previous posts in this blog, I’ve taken an interest in building and stewarding these free libraries. Likely you have seen one or more in your neighbourhood, and hopefully you have made a few withdrawals and deposits. 

LFLs are great communities builders. I’ve had a many a pleasant chat with those stopping by and it is fun just to watch visitors check the collection and try to decide if they should take a book or two. Gratifying is as well, when a car pulls up and out comes a box of books.  Our home LFL has only seen an empty shelf (of 3 shelves) or one occasion – more often there are books fitted in horizontally on top of other books as the shelves are full.  I occasionally cull books, but not often.

Yesterday, I was surprised with a delightful poem left by an anonymous reader.

I love the “For Freedom” at the end and of course, the pseudonym of “the book READistributor” is priceless.

LFL#1 Celebrates it 1st Birthday in 2017.


This ‘home’ library (LFL#1) was built from wood salvaged from the origional house on this property – but had to wait 20 years until I had time and energy to build it!

The second one I built for the  Westwood Unitarian Congregation  that we attend.  It is a bit smaller, but features a roof shaped like an open book, sheltering the library.  The book book needed a title and author and given that Westwood’s motto is to “Rest, Grow and Serve the World”.  The book title is Rest, Grow and Serve: An Adventure by U. R. Westwood.  Pretty cute eh!

LFL#2 at Westwood Unitarian

LFL#3 (below) was an upper kitchen cabinet. It was sided with oak flooring that Susan had made me drag home 12 years ago. I thought it looked better with the door upside down.

It has needed a repair. I had not fastened the roof permanently, as the owner might want a bird attic suite. I would be good to better to be able to lift off the roof and clean between tenants. But who wants the roof to come off – as it threatens in the photo below.

Little Free Library #3

LFL#4 was a gift to my friends Marj and Dennis Foth. Dennis was the Dean at University of Alberta- my first academic job. Marj started 20 years ago the Unprepareds Music Group. We gather once a month and each do a piano, cello, vocal or hammered dulcimer song or two. They are also major supporters of our Westwood Unitarian Congregation, so #4 got a carved sign and launched as Biblio Foth Free Library.

I covered the exterior of  LFL#4 with lap siding that I cut from a pile of 2X4 cutoffs left from the garage wall project.  I couldn’t find a kitchen cupboard with a matching  glass door, so I bought a door and added small strips on the side of the opening to make it fit.

Marj Foth and myself installing Biblio Foth

None of these Little Free Libraries are perfect they all seem ‘good enough’ – like most of my carpentry!

By coincidence, the order for LFL#5 came in last week- and it’s taking shaping in the shop.