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1st Birthday – Riverdale’s Little Free Library

IMG_4262My Little Free Library celebrated its birthday with a party for its patrons on Saturday. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t terrific, but the rain held off long enough for cake, music and wine!


The only challenge is that the party goers each bought books and the Library is already FULL!  I had to open Riverdale Little Free Library Annex #1 – a cardboard box (see photo above). I am confident though that we will be getting a run on reading as the proverbial winter chill sets into Alberta.

I built a new reading bench and carved “Libellus Libertas” which I think and hope is Latin for Books Free – as in ‘take a free book’ or ‘books are freedom’


Reflecting on the 1st year I can make a few observations:

  1. Physical maintenance on the building has been minimal. I spruced up the exterior (for the party) with a quick coat of varnish, I had left over from another project. I’ve had to replace one of the door knobs and that’s about it.
  2.  The upstairs, library studio flat had no bird tenants although it was guarded by a fat sparrow for a week or so this spring.
  3. The Head Librarian has become a promiscuous reader, as he has started way more books than he finishes and is currently reading 6 books.
  4. The collection size has remained quite steady (current glut not withstanding). I’ve culled about 20 books that weren’t moving, but most seem to disappear in about 2-4 weeks.
  5. I’ve met many more neighbours and been thanked for the library by many.

So all in all a great 1st year. This winter, I plan to build at least one more library.

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  1. September 1, 2016    

    Hello Terry, excelent project, I guess you enjoy it very much. I hope some day I will visit it and maybe open an Annex in Cuba. Best Regards, Raidell

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