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Is Blogging worth it for the aspiring...

Is Blogging worth it for the aspiring academic?

After spending most of yesterday catching up on blogs, Facebook posts, twitter and linked in, I began to wonder if it was worth it and how I would I would measure the value (in academic terms) of my day. First of all I should note that the day was a pleasant one, with a few […]

3 Bears Story

3 Bears Story

I had the pleasure of driving from my home in Edmonton through the Rocky Mountains and back en route to the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education in Kamloops BC.  It was a great trip partly because I got to show this spectaual scenery to two friends – Albert Sangra form the Open University of […]

My Solstice Epistle – Personal

My Solstice Epistle – Personal

A break from tradition and sending this annual post publicly this year. Dec. 2013 Dear Friends, Colleagues and Family Fast away another year has passed and it is time to recollect and share our lives with those we see too little of!  Thus the Annual Christmas/Solstice Epistle below: The year 2013 began with reflective time […]

Two Days, three Museums, two Cathedra...

Two Days, three Museums, two Cathedrals and 576 Kms on the Costa Del Azaharhone

This is my first blog post from my 2 month position as a visiting professor at the open University of Catalonia (UOC). UOC is a 100% distance University (like Athabasca U.) but founded not as a correspondence university, but as an online university in 1997.  There is a large open university (UNAD) in Madrid but […]

God’s Hotel: A doctor, a hospital and...

God’s Hotel: A doctor, a hospital and a pilgrimage to the Heart of Medicine

A book review: I stumbled onto this book in the public library and I guess the title first attracted me.  But fear not, the book does no proselytizing and contains no fantasy stories, nor stories of religious delusions, nor superstitions.  Rather, the story is a learned critique of modern scientific medicine, has a glimpse into […]

Buddhism and Thailand

Buddhism and Thailand

This month, I enrolled in a 4 week course on Buddhism led by a member of our Unitarian Congregation here in Edmonton. I’ve always been interested in Eastern religions and the opportunity of this course coupled with my first opportunity to visit South East Asia, proved to be a great learning opportunity. On the first […]

Joseph Priestley – The Man Who ...

Joseph Priestley – The Man Who Invented Air and Unitarianism

Here is a link to the text of the sermon I did at the Westwood Unitarian Fellowship on April 15 2012. The title comes from the great book by Steve Johnson, The Invention of Air. Priestly was an 18th century scientist, minister and radical political critic. He won great fame as the inventor of carbonated water and the […]

First Day of Spring – My first ...

First Day of Spring – My first poem since high school

First Day of Spring Road my bike to work along the river Saw two geese warily watching a coyote wearily watching them from the ice and wishing the lead would close Saw two rabbits on the trail, brown tufts pushing through white coats. Saw my short cut through the woods,  brown turfs pushing through white […]

Unitarians and Religion on the Net

Unitarians and Religion on the Net

I was pleased to hear Rev Brian Kiely talk this morning at Westwood Unitarian Congregation, where I am a long term member. Brian spoke about the effect, impact and opportunity presented by the Net for Unitarianism. His talk was inspired by a blog post from Peter Morales the current President of the US Unitarian Universalist Association. […]

my trip to Dalarne, Sweden

my trip to Dalarne, Sweden

I was pleased to get an invite from the University of Dalarne to do a keynote at their Next Generation Learning conference tomorrow. Besides not having been to Central Sweden, this is Parish from which my Great-grandparents immigrated from in the 1870’s to come first to Minnesota and then to Canada. I couldn’t help thinking […]

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