I was saddened to hear this morning of the death of a good friend, fellow Canadian and colleague, Robin Mason. Robin was an influential and important figure in the development of computer conferencing for educational applications. She worked for many years at the British Open University and there she was the first to develop computer conferencing for large scale implementations. I first met Robin at the Guelph CMC conferences in the late 80’s. I was always impressed at the way she could handle grumpy academics in large groups or small, with knowledgeable responses, creative suggestions and much grace. Robin co-edited Mindweave, one of the very first books on Computer Mediated Communications and went on to author books and articles on globalisation, social networking, learning objects, e-portfolios and more. In 1993 Robin helped me organize and evaluate the first ‘virtual’ conference ever held online.

Her humor, strength and good nature lives on in the memories of those around the world fortunate enough to call her a friend. Her wisdom lives in the many articles and books she has published. Nonethelsss she is missed.