On the train yesterday, through the beautiful fall colored Swiss countryside, I was delightfully surprised to speed through the small town of Elgg – It is located between Zurich and St Gallen. It seems the kind of town you’d feel comfortable owning a pet Jersey cow but I image you could get by with a St Bernard dog or two as well. Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared with my camera, so the opportunity to capture a shot and share it with the ELGG community evaded me! But  ELGG exists!

As an aside, we see online trumping the real world as I looked for a photo of Elgg Switzerland in Flickr and found 1476 tagged photos, but after looking at the first 20 screens full of thumbnails, I saw many pictures of elgg screenshots, elgg gatherings and Ben and Dave, but alas no REAL Elgg photos – so you just have to take my word for it that it exists!! Maybe the real world Elggians better get a photo up before they are eclipsed by the online world!